Aws Beta Test Participation Agreement

By markelton, December 3, 2020

Finally, the NDA defines the confidentiality of the test and its data. Here, you determine what your testers can talk about, what they keep to themselves and for how long. 2.1. This section describes the additional conditions under which you (a) can access and use certain functions, technologies and services that are made available to you by AWS and that are not yet generally available, including products, services or functions called “beta,” “preview,” “pre-publication” or “experimental” and all associated AWS content (a “beta service” or b) , including, but not limited to all AWS regions identified by AWS as “beta,” “pre-publication,” “pre-release” or “experimental” (each of a “beta region”). The licensee is responsible for all costs and expenses related to the use of the beta product and the completion of all testing and evaluation activities. (c) cooperation with other AWS customers. You can reproduce and distribute Lumberyard materials (but not sublicensing): (i) to other AWS customers, who are your contractual partners, exclusively for the purpose of allowing these AWS customers to carry out work on your behalf, (ii) to other AWS customers in connection with the work you perform as a contractor and (iii) to 5 other AWS customers that you authorize to distribute a Lumberyard project in connection with your sale. or license of this Lumberyard project (z.B. Publisher of a game you are developing). The rights of these other AWS customers on Lumberyard materials are subject to their agreements with us. Preview tests. We may provide access to confidential, preview, beta or similar preliminary versions of development material or website features, technologies or services for evaluation and testing purposes (a “preview test” package).

If you participate in a preview test that we define as confidential, you will keep all information related to this preview test and your participation confidential until we grant you permission to disclose this information. You also agree that: (i) preview documents are in progress and may contain errors, errors or other errors; (ii) participation in preview tests is conducted at its own risk and we are not responsible for data loss or other damage caused by preview tests; (iii) You will follow all available preview testing guidelines and guidelines; (iv) we may at any time add or modify restrictions on access or use of preview documents, or suspend or terminate participation in preview tests; (v) if you give us feedback on preview tests, we have the right to take full advantage of these comments; (vi) Don`t give your preview test to another person; and (vii) we do not have an obligation to make preview documents generally available. When planning a beta test, a common error by app developers is not taken into account with respect to the legality of the test. Just because the application is still in the pre-release phase doesn`t mean it`s normal to give up formalities. In fact, it is doubly important for a beta test specifically because it is not yet out of development and has not been released for the public.