Chemical Purchase Agreement

By markelton, December 5, 2020

5. PAYMENT: All amounts must be paid to the seller in accordance with the payment terms indicated on the first page of an invoice issued by the seller by cheque, wire transfer or electronic transfer in U.S. dollars immediately available. If the Buyer does not pay the Seller in accordance with the above terms, the seller, according to his choice and without prejudice to his other rights and remedies, may terminate the contract without delay and without notice, suspend deliveries until all debts are paid in full and/or place the buyer`s deliveries in cash. In the event of a late payment, the buyer bears the seller`s collection costs, including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees. Interest at the maximum rate allowed by law may be charged. Any property of the buyer, at any time in the Seller`s possession, including, but not limited, to goods paid for by the Buyer, is considered a guarantee (with a security interest that the buyer grants to the Seller) for the obligations of the buyer arising from that agreement or any other agreement with the Seller, and that property, to the extent that, can be sold by the seller as a credit against such obligations of the buyer, or such property, or part of them, may be sold by the seller in the event of a public or private sale. 3. IMPSES: All taxes or other taxes due as a result of the sale, use or delivery of products, such as .B turnover tax, excise duty, gross income tax, VAT, retail tax and transport tax, may be added to the purchase price of the products of the seller`s choice. 13. FORCE MAJEURE: the seller is not liable for damages or other causes of non-payment due to force majeure, including, but not only, acts of God, strikes, fires, wars, floods, embargoes, explosions, terrorism, the national state of emergency, civil unrest or other causes that are not the responsibility of the seller, and the buyer renounces any right of intension against the seller.