Dish Scripps Agreement

By markelton, December 7, 2020

Scripps did not speak directly about the accusation, although the channels do not often allow their channels to expire on an old contract. This would reduce their influence in conversations. Instead, Scripps encouraged its dish viewers to look for another pay-TV provider. But they did not sign a new agreement, which led to the month-long blackout. CINCINNATI, September 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — E.W. Scripps Company (NASDAQ: SSP) has signed a new broadcasting agreement with The Dish Network and has now successfully concluded its three major cable and satellite distribution contracts through 2020. E.W. Scripps Co. stated that it had secured a new broadcasting agreement with Dish and that its local television channels were available to satellite customers after being obscured since late July. Scripps said Dish was unable to agree, it prevented viewers from watching valuable news about coronavirus, social unrest and election information. Dish said it was proposing “several extension options” for Scripps to sue ABC partners, but Scripps did not hesitate with an agreement. I thought the dispute could only last one or two weeks, because on July 24, both sides extended the old agreement by 24 hours so that they could continue negotiations before it expired.

This is usually a sign that they are close to a deal. LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – E. W. Scripps has reached an agreement with DISH Network, according to a tweet from the official Scripps Twitter account. The dispute involved 60 stations and the agreement comes as the football season begins. In July, DISH Network obscured LEX 18 after the satellite provider and E.W. Scripps Company could not reach an agreement. “Without agreement, Dish subscribers are now missing the main news, climate and entertainment programs for our channels,” said Brian Lawlor, President of Local Media at Scripps. “Dish`s refusal to negotiate a fair deal prevents his clients from accessing urgent messages during a global pandemic, a period of social unrest, an active political year and a season of bad weather for many parts of our country.” “Scripps has reached an agreement with Dish, and all scripp stations are back in the air for Dish subscribers.

We apologize for the interruption of the service our viewers attended and thank them for their loyalty and patience during this period,” the channel said in a statement.