Mahcp Collective Agreement Shared Health

By markelton, December 12, 2020

FALSE – All residents of the health sector have maintained their levies, such as Southern Health (Local 4270), DSM (4214). Northern Health (8600) and CancerCare (5362). In the case of 5362, we kept the rate structure, which was the local in 1550, since we are what remains of 1550, only with a new local number. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our CUPE colleagues and all health sector unions in our call for the immediate implementation of enhanced health and safety measures that keep all health professionals safe throughout the system. On behalf of the former CEO of CUPE 5362, we wish you all the safe and healthy. If you feel your health is in danger or feel you are being treated unfairly at work, contact CUPE immediately. As always, CUPE is with you and for you. Their work in these centres has focused on HIV/STBBI prevention and education, healthy sexuality and damage reduction. During her time as program coordinator, Wiebe was a member of her working committee and also Shop Steward (similar to the member advocate for MAHCP). 2 – There is an application form for family status housing that you must complete. Click here to access this form. sharedhealthmb.ca/files/covid-19-provincial-family-status-accomodation-form.pdf pre-existing public health conditions, federal and provincial conditions had stated that workers with specific health conditions should stay away from work, as their health could be seriously affected if they contaminated COVID-19 because of their underlying health.

These diseases listed include respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, heart disease, diabetes, diseases that affect or affect immunology, etc. Some, whether you work after 4:00 or maybe even 16:15, will see a clue land in your work inbox announcing that the dental plan premium will increase. Some of you know that on December 13, 2019, HSC also announced that its premiums would also increase effective January 30, 2020. The CCMB and HSC are the only entities within the PHCC collective agreements that fall under our dental plan. All other facilities use HEBP dental. CUPE 5362 did not receive this increase until January, after repeatedly requesting that HSC premiums increase. As soon as we received this notification, we filed a complaint arguing this increase. FYI – CUPE 204 has also filed a complaint with HSC about its increase, so we will probably argue together as we move towards a merger with Local 204. Until the abuses are resolved, we have to pay the premium increase. Pre-bargaining survey Many of you may have received the preliminary survey in the mail.

CUPE sent a letter with a link for preliminary questioning. For those of you who have been with CancerCare through several collective agreements, you will remember previous surveys we sent. This survey is the same as now, we do it online. Please complete this survey, as this is the way to hear your voice, and perhaps one of your proposals will end up in the collective agreement. The Public Services Sustainability Act: Today, unions and the government have come together in court to address this challenge. This legal challenge does not require any salary increase or improvement of our collective agreement. What we are asking for is that we be able to make these improvements, as we do. This bill has removed that right, which goes against the Canadian Bill of Rights. MAHCP is concerned that this closure, supposedly temporary, will be permanent, as has been the case with other rural health services.