Tree Agreement Trentino

By markelton, December 19, 2020

www.trentinotreeagreement.it/?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=treeagreement&utm_medium=video&fbclid=IwAR3UdPh_638FEYCncd_ziZ7XMHbuaPMQYFWlMPsmgMFUtoNFF6A9MrImgmA Church of St. Francis Xavier in the Church of St. Francis Xavier. The street is connected by Belenzani the fa├žade of the church with Piazza Duomo For more information or how to contribute to www.trentinotreeagreement.it For ambassadors and administrators of the Trentino tree agreement, or donors who support the project with 150 euros or more, it will be possible to see the sign of your generous gesture directly in the forest: this way, the pact can be signed with the trees, can be held directly by the trees. Donation panels are engraved on the wood and placed in the heart of the injured forest. A difficult experience for our territory, whose forest and forest heritage is an integral part of our history and the people who live there. Both the economy and the culture of Trentino are based on experiences and activities related to trees, forests, forests and their management. We invite you to participate in this important initiative and discover (for those who do not yet know) the philosophy at the foot of the pine forest: the economy of the common good. See you soon! In Trentino, you will discover unforgettable adventures in nature and discover some pearls like Lake Tovelsee and Adamello – Brenta Nature Park. Palazzo Vescovile, seat of the local Catholic diocese READ ALSO: 5 Italian natural lakes that it can visit at least once in its life 1996, the European Union has approved further cultural and economic integration between the Austrian State of Tyrol and the Italian provinces of South Tyrol and Trentino by recognizing the creation of the Tyrol-Tyrol-Trentino Euroregion. To contribute to the restoration of the forests of Trentino with the Trentino-Tree agreement, there are four tranches of donations – 10 euros, 50 euros, 150 euros or a higher allowance. Thirty (Italian pronunciation: [] (listening); [3] as anglicized as Trent; [4] Ladin: Trent; in German: Trient; Cimbrian: Tria[5]) is a town on the Ethn River in Trentino-Alto Adige, South Tyrol, Italy.