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By markelton, December 21, 2020

I never wanted a woman. Until I met her. All my life, I have been a lone wolf. My favorite stuff are fast cars and a glass of alcohol after a long day. Things were perfect. Until my father reminds me, he controls my inheritance. If I don`t bring a woman on the next family vacation, it will cut me off. I hate forcing my hand… But I have a plan. I asked my assistant to find me the non-wife girl he can dig up. As soon as I present her to my father, he will ask me to divorce her. I`ll keep my legacy without having to change my life for anyone.

It seemed so simple. Then I met her. That`s all I ever knew I wanted. And when she found out that I chose her because I thought she would never enter my world… It`ll break his heart. “It was like more, but you`re probably right. His smile was soft at best. “Don`t worry, no one saw me. His broad, smooth forehead crumpled as he tried to calm him down. Ethan Kemp`s wife, who was walking around the market town where they lived in that state, would not create the image he would approve of, and Ethan looked after the image they presented to the world. Didn`t you think about ringing me, or the police? But Ethan knew that Hannah`s practice would be the most comfortable woman until he discovered that his shy wife had hidden passions. Fascinated, he wanted their marriage pact to be concluded on much more intimate terms.

He felt like a real husband! This novel contains a sexy billionaire alpha who needs a woman. He will not rest until she is locked up with her ring on her finger. NOT cheating, lots of kindle-melting actions, and always a happy one always after! Author`s Books:Penny Wylder Books `You Had a Bad Night.` His tears made him uncomfortable. He remembered that he hadn`t seen much of his wife yet – even on the beach this summer, she had worn a Baggy T-shirt over her swimsuit, and even the children`s requests couldn`t let her into the water. “He laughed.” She felt sick of thinking only of the expression in Craig`s eyes. It was already tense – some of the things he said were particularly personal and thin coarse — but it was that smile that really sounded the alarm. She was not worried about turning on the light, but luckily slipped the remains of her patent leather yard shoes. She put it under her arm and felt careful in front of the large rubbed table in the center of the room. She thought with envy of a hot and cleansing shower. The sudden illumination made them freeze and blink like a frightened animal.

Why would he lie to her? He thought she had a double life? “I was… That is what I did. She looked up at her face and read the implacability. It is better to be simple with us. Debbie and Alan took me. Ethan had met the young couple who were learning French with her, and he nodded briefly. “Craig Finch, who only entered class last month, offered to take me home.