Yang Dimaksud Gentlemen Agreement

By markelton, December 22, 2020

Mustaqim`s fears of not pouring micro-packages into a document arose in the case of PT Mandiri Tbk against Budi Priyanggodo before the Industrial Relations Court (PHI) Jakarta. For example, Mustaqim mentions the code of conduct or conduct that applies in a company. This code of conduct also goes into a specific microphone, because not all companies have it. Of course, this type of effort garnered protests from different quarters and eventually led to an almost chaotic situation at the end of New Order`s reign. Efforts to make Pancasila more ideological in one way or another will only divide the nation, not strengthen unity. In fact, Pancasila`s function is a gentlemen`s agreement and not a column. Moreover, this ideological process was deliberately created to get rid of a certain group of forces that contributed to the birth of this nation. The end will certainly lead to a rift between these nations. Now I`m focusing on the auto industry; And I have three examples of gentlemen`s agreement that have been and are. During last Tuesday`s trial (2/9), Budi`s lawyer introduced Mirisnu Viddiana as a witness.

During the trial, Viddi — as Mirisnu Viddiana was called — said that the choice of protests to claim welfare was made after approval by the SPBM board of directors. If the board does not allow it, the gathering will not take place. This is not the influence of Budi`s brother. I cannot decide alone without the agreement of the board of directors, let alone Brother Budi, said Viddi. Mohammad Mustaqim, a labour relations observer, said that there are basically two standards in the provisions of labour relations. Macronormes are minimum and micro-linked standards, mustaqim, who is also a professor of labour relations at the University of Indonesia`s Faculty of Economics, said on Wednesday (3/9). Thirdly, the most important is to realize the spirit of Pancasila as a mutual agreement, its implementation in the formulation of legislation and all the rules of legal form in the country. In this case, Pancasila, like Sukarno`s speech of June 1, 1945, served as a “philosopherisce groonslag.” PPKI met the next day on August 18.

The last amendment to the Constitution presented by BPUPKI a month earlier was presented at that meeting. Changes occurred during the opening with “Pancasila”. The seven words of the first program, “The head of God, with the obligation to perform Islamic shari`a for their people” were changed to “The True God.” The changes seem trivial, but have a very broad effect. The minimum macro standard, mussaqim continues, is that of the normative provisions relating to the rights and obligations of workers and employers. This minimal mascara is the manpower law and its derivative state rules. According to wikipedia, it can be interpreted as follows: Informal and legally non-binding agreement between two or more parties. In general, it is an unwritten agreement, but there is also a written agreement. Budi is a director of the Mandiri Employees Union (SPBM) with the position of Wellness Coordinator. Mandiri Bank imposed redundancy sanctions against Budi for the active organization of rallies in August 2007. Budi is not alone. There is Mirisnu Viddiana (president of the SPBM) and several other SPBM administrators who have also been dismissed.

Viddi did not remain silent to hear The Argument of Bank Mandiri. He said that he and Budi and some of his colleagues were a team of pkb negotiators.