Rental Agreement Norway

By markelton, April 11, 2021

Nig My application for an employment visa in Norway is ongoing, there is a requirement that I have to submit, and it is a lease. How can I handle this? So if I have an agreement like say a six-month stay, do I have to pay the full rent at once? Please let us know. Thank you At the same time, there is a consensus that the free market does not provide enough housing for the poor. In 1998, the government agreed that the government should finance a new non-market rental sector, with the aim of building 50,000 new non-commercial rental units in the largest cities where rents are low and regulated over the next 10 to 15 years. 6. When the tenant has evacuated the premises, he is required to remove all personal belongings. Once the tenant has been removed, items accepted as property of the tenant or a member of the tenant`s household are found on the site, so that SSN must keep these items at the tenant`s expense. However, objects considered waste can be disposed of immediately. If the conservatory requires the owner`s work, the owner may seek appropriate compensation. See the Norwegian rent law.

Section 10-3 (second subsection). 7. In units where electricity is not included, the tenant is required to maintain his current subscription and pay for electricity until the end of the lease. SSN notifies the Network Manager (Skagerak) to cancel the current subscription and announces the final meter reading. 8. A tenant terminates the rental agreement, he is required to make the premises accessible to potential new tenants for a demonstration. If no specific rent is agreed, the landlord or tenant may charge a rent corresponding to normal in real estate comparable to similar contractual conditions. Cases are brought either before the Conciliation Court (forliksredet) or by the Rent Disputes Tribunal (Husleietvistutvalget). Section 5-1. Use of the property by the tenant, etc.

The landlord is required to make the property available to the tenant for the duration of the contract. The tenant is required to treat the property with appropriate care and otherwise in accordance with the rental agreement. The tenant must not use the property for purposes other than those agreed upon. However, the tenant of a commercial premises may operate another related business, unless it presents major inconvenience to the owner or other users of the property. The tenant of a store or dining room is required to keep the store open and in normal daily operation, except in the event of a temporary closure. Section 5-2.