Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

With a cloud of black smoke, both the Krampuss and the iron-barred cage disappear, leaving you, Cobalt, and Santa standing in the star of Tannenbaum Tower.

“Thank you both very much,” says Santa, “You two not only broke the enchantments the Krampuss and his dwarfs placed on us, you saved Christmas!”

“It was our pleasure sir!” says Cobalt.

“Well, you two have certainly been very good this year,” says Santa, “so tell me…what would you like for Christmas?”

“Well…” Cobalt bows nervously, “I could probably use a new harness…maybe some candied carrots?”

“Ho ho ho!” bellowed Santa, “I think I can make that happen.”

Santa then looks directly at you. “And what about you?”


Tell Santa that the happiness of the world is enough for you.

See how insane you can make your request..

Just ask for a ride home.