That Christmas Feeling

As you and Cobalt enter the stable, you find a coal dwarf with a short, red beard sitting next to a fire, eating a pile of carrots, while the reindeer look on in anger.

“Well, look at this,” says the coal dwarf, “another reindeer! How did you get out?”

“Don’t worry about how I got out, coal dwarf,” said Cobalt. “Worry about what you are going to do when I order you out!”

The coal dwarf laughs. “You need to know my name before you can command me to do anything.”

Cobalt steps up to the dwarf. “I challenge you to a battle of the wits.”

“Aye,” says the dwarf, “What’s my name, reindeer?”

Out of the corner of your eye, you spy Prancer stamping something into the dirt.

“I suspect these two will be able to succeed where we have failed” says Prancer.

“But they’ll be going in blind,” says Dancer.

Prancer finished stamping her hooves into the dirt. “I have a feeling.”

Cobalt looks at you.

“What’s my name?” repeated the dwarf