A beautiful sight…

You realize the world around you is really quite beautiful this time of year. Is that music playing? Yeah! It’s “Frosty the Snowman“! Except, the lyrics are different…

Deus the snowman
was a frosty plot device
he is made of snow but the writer knows
he was made to give advice
Deus the snowman
has a magic carrot nose
for the reader’s need to give Cobalt feed
so the tiny reindeer grows.
“you need to go and find Cobalt” the snowy Deus said,
“Cuz if you don’t the coal dwarfs win
and Christmas will be dead”
Now, dearest reader,
you know who you must go find
To make Santa free so the coal dwarfs flee
and save Christmas for all kind!
Suddenly, you feel this funny urge to check on that puppy.
I better hurry!
I’m sure the dog is already gone. I better get back to shopping.