We’re happy tonight…

You approach the now full-grown Cobalt and place a hand on the reindeer’s back.

“If we’re going to save Christmas, we better hoof it!” says Cobalt. “Hop on my back!”

Without a moment’s hesitation, you do as the caribou commands and vault yourself up on Cobalt.

“Grab my antlers and hold on tight!” says Cobalt.

With one swift leap from Cobalt’s mighty legs, you are now airborne atop the creature you confused for the runt of the litter just moments ago.

“When we get to the North Pole, just let me do all the talking,” says Cobalt. “The coal dwarfs are a tricky lot, and the command magic they are using to hold the North Pole hostage can be used against them. I’ll need your help to solve their riddles and learn their names. Once we have done that, we can banish them back to the Christmas coal mines and climb Tannenbaum Tower to save Santa!”

Cobalt looks back at you, and you smile and nod while firmly grasping the reindeer’s rack.

What have you gotten yourself in to?

Before you can even answer that question, Cobalt lands on a field of white at a compound consisting of a rather impressive house, three other buildings, and a rather imposing, pine tree-shaped tower.

“We’re here,” says Cobalt.